This is a story of captivity and torture, where men were sacrificed by beheading and women were sold into slavery. An apocalypse was foretold by a sickly little girl. The movie was set during the last days of the Mayan era.

A set of hunters and tribesmen, which included Jaguar Paw, Curl Nose, Smoke Frog, Cocoa Leaf and Blunted, lived their lives in the jungle and survived on trapped animals like the wild bear. But, the jungle was about to be raided and nobody saw that coming. Except for young Jaguar Paw, who was becoming restless after they ran into a procession of refugees who said their lands were ravaged by raiders, so they had to flee. Flint Sky, the father of Jaguar Paw, took it to be mere fear and comments as such to his son.

The next day their village faced the same fate and Flint Sky was killed during the attack along with some other villagers. The rest of them, including Jaguar, were taken captive by the raiders who were led by Zero Wolf (Raoul Trujillo). Jaguar Paw and a few others were spared because of a certain belief surrounding a solar eclipse. The eclipse showed up just when Jaguar Paw was about to be sacrificed. In pursuit of Jaguar Paw, who had killed Zero Wolf’s son and fled, Zero Wolf was killed. There were also elements of fear and danger in the movie as the conqueror, Jaguar Paw, tries to save his pregnant wife and son whom he had left hidden during the raid.

This movie was ably produced and directed by Mel Gibson and classified as an epic adventure.

The tattoos and costumes used in the movie were all carefully researched. The movie sets and locations were architectures that have the same look as the Mayan cities. The pyramids seen in the movie is from the classic era.