This is a first class mountain men movie that depicts the life of an ex-military man who said goodbye to civilisation to go and live a peaceful and solitary life in the mountains. He brings with him everything he needs, however, runs out of food and was left only with his survival instincts. He faced a series of hardships in the mountains that are lurking with cold and death. He learns to survive in the wild from Bear Claws, a fellow mountaineer, by first being tested with a grizzly bear. He finds a wife and a son in the mountains and they manage to live happily for a few months.

He was then compelled to lead a cavalry patrol to the mountains to save the settlers there. Now, in this turbulent environment, where he could hardly live a peaceable life, and having a family whom he feared for, he violates the sacred grave of the Crows and this angered them. On returning to the cabin after leading the cavalry, Jeremiah finds his family furiously killed by the Crows. It droves him to a rage and he fled. He started wandering around and killing any Crow that would come in sight and in turn, the Crows hunted him every day to try and kill him. He was lost and alone, however, gained both respect and friendship from Paints His Shirt Red, the Indian leader. Even with all the hardships, and griefs, Johnson is not going back to civilisation and his reasons are known to him alone.

Shot in the most spectacular locations of Utah. It’s a legendary story and is about revenge and survival. The story is claimed to have a base in the story of Liver Eating Johnson. It is yet another bombshell dropped by Sydney Pollack in 1972 with an excellent cinematography by Duke Callaghan. Robert Redford is Jeremiah Johnson.