From the life and experiences of Baroness Karen Blixen, a tangled love story was born. She was a Danish woman, who lived in East Africa and owned a coffee plantation. She found herself in a twisted relationship, where she ended up with her lover’s twin brother, Baron Bror Blixen. This young affluent woman was drawn to Africa for this marriage, which in context, would be described as unhealthy.

The baroness returned to Denmark to become a writer and her writings turned out to be this autobiography published in the name of Isak Dinesen. The screenplay is made of scenes of romance, hunting and safaris, all nicely written, and directed.

It was filmed with an epic scenery in the Mara Triangle of Kenya, the then East Africa and it captured audience from all over the world and brought Kenya into the tourism spot light. This compelling and old fashioned love story, which would be described as Jaktlusts jaktfilmer in the western world, featured Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen and Robert Redford as Denys Finch Hatton. It has won seven Academy awards and 28 film awards since its release in 1985.

Movie overview

  • Sydney pollack is the producer of this noble movie
  • Sound track by John Barry
  • Script by Kurt Luedtke

Denys and Karen’s romance set out as a friendship between close friends and it grew into a love affair. The romance was wonderful and gave the movie a life. She found love with him but not happiness because Denys, an inexplicable game hunter, doesn’t want to be caged, he didn’t want to be owned. That notwithstanding, he showed up at the right time and was taking her on adventures, and safaris to see the African wildlife. Her falling in love with him made up for her unhealthy marriage. On one occasion, they had to shoot a lion that was after them together, this gave the their relationship a lift and remains one of the most passionate scenes in the movie.