This movie focuses on the life of a homeless man, who had to accept a well paying hunting job, where he was to lead a hunting expedition and he later finds out that the job isn’t quite what he thought it was. Jack Mason, who was portrayed by Ice T, was flown to the wilderness to meet the hunting crew, which included Derek Wolfe Sr. (Abraham F. Murray) and Derek Wolf Jr. (William Mcnamara),Thomas Burns (Rutger Hauer), and Gary Busey (Doc Hawkins). However, this team of hunters are not hunting animals, they are hunting humans. Unknown to him, they have been watching him, and each has been paid a handsome amount to hunt. Their target was him!

And now this homeless man, who almost committed suicide before Cole, portrayed by Charles S. Dutton, introduced him to the hunting business which he is also a part of, is seen running from his predators. They will add his head to the collection of their victims in the trophy room if they ever succeed. But he is bent on surviving, so he fights back and he gets lucky by playing on their weaknesses and luring them into traps to kill them. He is able to escape the trap in the end, but goes back to his homeless life.

This movie had a gross earning of about $7.7 million and debuted at number 6 at the box office, however, received some negative reviews recently. it is a 94 minutes movie that was shot in the beautiful mountainous landscapes of lake Wenatchee and Wenatchee national forest, except the scenes that took place in Seattle, Washington. It could be disturbing to younger viewers even though has very little violent scenes, so it is rated R. Children under the ages of 17 should watch under the supervision of an adult. It was released by New Line Cinema and directed by Ernest Dickerson.