The story is set around a billionaire, his infidel of a wife, and a photographer, his wife’s lover. They are flown to a lodge somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness by his pilot and the photographer, Robert Green played by Alec Baldwin, who is asked to take pictures of his model wife, Mickey, played by Elle MacPherson.

Charles Morse played by Anthony Hopkins, Stephen his assistant played by Harold Perrineau and Robert Green set out on an adventure to find a native hunter for a photo shoot, but their seaplane crashed. They survive but are stranded, and the chances of being rescued at the time seemed unlikely. They are lost somewhere in the wild and being chased by a bear, they wander in search of a possible rescue or to find their way back mainland. Stephen is killed by the bear, the other two are on the run again in the middle of nowhere.

They knew they had to survive given the element of distrust between Charles and Robert, and wait for another day to decide who murders who between the two of them. Charles was suspicious that Robert might want to kill him to get his wife, but Charles was the clever one in their midst. The irony in the movie surfaced when Robert, who had previously saved Charles from a fall into the rapids, ended up dying from a wound he sustained after Charles allows him to fall in a dead-fall. What would anyone have done anyway? After finding an evidence that proves his suspicion.

The breathtaking views seen in the movie were shot in locations from Alberta Canada and British Columbia. The effects and scenes of wresting with bear and surviving the wild were thrilling. Bart the Bear received a credit from twentieth century fox and the producer of The Edge for his contributions. And it is captioned crazy credit on IMDB.