The Hunter is a memorable movie which displays one of the best acts of the time, and Willem Dafoe, stars as a professional hunter in this screenplay that was adapted from the novel by Julia Leigh. Martin (Willem Dafoe), sets out on an assignment to go to the Tasmanian wilderness to bring samples of blood and organs of an extinct tiger specie known as the Tasmanian tiger, which he first has to track down.

He stays with a local family whose father and husband, Jerrah Armstrong, was at the time missing. Posing as a university delegate, without any romantic attachments and a little sentiment, they become a sort of family. He claims to be there to study the behaviour of the creature, however, tries to supports the family and resuscitates Lucy Armstrong (Frances O’Connor) from her addiction. Martin later finds out that Jerrah, an eco-activist was shot in the head but his family doesn’t know this.

He got a clue as to where he can possibly find the tiger in question. As the movie unfolds, he becomes familiar with the wilderness and eventually finds the tiger, but ran into some troubles while on his hunt for the creature. He later finds out that it has the ability to paralyse its prey when it bites. Knowing that the bio-tech company intends to use the samples he will bring to develop the same venom the tiger has, this changed his mission. He did not complete the task he was sent for, but ended up killing the creature, and this was the news he gave to the Red Leaf company.

The director of this movie is Daniel Nettheim, and vintage footages of the creature were displayed and used in the movie. It tells a tale of a lonely traveler who reconsidered his mission to do something different from what his original assignment stated for the greater good.