This movie presents two beaver trappers and the battle between them and the native Americans who are on a mission to reclaim Running Moon, a woman who ran away from her abusive marriage. A movie set in the wilderness, tells the story of the last days of beaver trapping. Heavy Eagle, the leader of the savages, is the abusive husband who want his wife back, and is prepared to kill anyone in his way. These trappers only wanted to take her to safety, but the story changes and Bill sees himself fighting for her cause.

Aside the hardship they faced with weather and nature, they have a fierce and intense battle with the native Americans whom they had previously had run ins with. Running moon who happens to escape during the fight, is later caught by Heavy Eagle who tries to woo her again. But, Bill finds out from Henry who had been scalped, that she is still alive and they both leave to get her. There are some startling scenes of bravery like the battle for a buffalo carcass when Bill wages a war with the wolves, and scenes of sentiments and humour.

Bill and co-character Henry, are nicely costumed in furs to have the look of the past generation. The film is directed by Richard Lang, and stars in the movie includes; Charlton Heston who plays Bill Tyler, and Brian Keith who plays Henry Frapp.

The Mountain men is one of the many movies and TV series that go by the same name. It was released in 1980, and shot in beautiful mountain scenery and the landscape of Bridge-Tetons national forest, Yellowstone national forest, and two other locations. It was widely received with a disclaimer that no animals were hurt in the making of the movie. Charlton Heston’s son was the writer of this beautiful epic.