The producer and director of this movie did an excellent job with this epic film and it’s quite remarkable. It was an adaptation of the book White Hunter Black Heart, and the screenplay was co-written by Peter Viertel, starring Clint Eastwood as John Wilson, a filmmaker in the 50s. John Wilson travels to Africa alongside a writer, Jeff Fahey as Pete Verrill, and this story is supposedly based upon what Peter Viertel witnessed in Africa with John Houston. Clint Eastwood played the Houston character and Fahey plays the Peter Viertel character.

While in Africa, working on the classic movie of 1951 “African Queen”, he develops a passion for hunting, and his interest turned into hunting and shooting elephants instead of preparing for his film. He was stubborn and the quest gradually grew into an obsession that Pete became uncomfortable with. The disaster that was looming around the film production, which they are there for, and his illogical pursuit of the animals led to a conflict between them.

He admits that his action can only be termed as a sin, but he wouldn’t stop. He has abandoned his crew and indulged in some strange quest to go elephant hunting. His quest ends in the most tragic way when Kivu paid the price of his quest, and it was too late to take it back. Other actors who starred in the movie;

  • Boy Mathias Chuma who played Kivu
  • Timothy Spall played Hodkins, Bush Pilot
  • Charlotte Cornwell played Miss Wilding
  • George Dzundza played Paul Landers

This movie is about obsession, an obsession that nobody understood. It is about the maverick spirit that Houston possesses, a rare kind of spirit. The character of Houston was barely fictionalised, no exaggerations, and no hypocrisy. The movie received positive reviews on the rotten tomatoes website. It was shot in some of the most beautiful locations of Africa including Kariba, Zimbabwe.